Edenic States Project 2017


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  Edenic States is an upcoming solo exhibition by
   artist Alicia Hunsicker which will be held at the
 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  It's time to dream big again!

I am excited to be approaching a new chapter in my career as an artist. I will soon be heading into the studio full time again to begin creating paintings for a milestone exhibition celebrating 20 years of working as a professional artist.  It will be held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I received my arts degree. The process of creating new work and presenting it in a successful solo exhibition is a long one which typically takes a year of dedicated work.

Each body of work I create is a progression from the last. Adding a kaleidoscope of color and botanical forms into my last series has inspired and informed the direction of this new body of work. I have a strong concept of how and what I will paint.  My first step toward this goal is to share with you this vision and what I would like to accomplish in hopes that you will join me and give your support to this undertaking.
People who know me well, know that I am a dedicated artist who has an intense passion for my creative work as well as an authentic and unique artistic vision. For several years I have been building a vocabulary of images in my paintings that I now wish to expand upon to include organic gestural strokes, larger areas of atmospheric color and an increase in my painterly surfaces. This is a significant shift that will require new materials and larger surfaces to work on.

This envisioned body of work is a response to current global environmental horrors. I strive to live in a world that is harmonious and sustainable.  My objective is to demonstrate the interconnectedness of humans, nature, and the cosmos and to honor nature's inherent beauty. There is an importance in recognizing this beauty and feeling our interconnectedness so we can be aware of our impact on environment and each other. I will focus on the use of natural patterns as the common thread found throughout the different sciences.

Edenic States will consist of 8 to 12 large-scale paintings where I will portray lush abstract scenes that are suggestive of a garden paradise. Within this context, notions of path and destination drive both the form and content. In this way, I explore the micro and macro of how things come together and how things flow. I am working with patterns in nature, but it is not just the patterns that interest me, it is what meaning the patterns may hold, how they relate to each other and how they move among each other and through space. Parallels to these ideas can be observed in things as disparate as planetary systems, ant colonies, the flight patterns of birds, and social media platforms. I aspire to engage the viewer and have them ask themselves: What is the path? What is the destination?

My work embraces the big questions in life, intersecting at a point that connects my interests in science, consciousness, spirituality, and art to reveal a cosmic discussion about the nature of all things. 
Have you ever thought about being a patron of the arts?
Artists like myself invest an immense amount of time, energy, and resources to share their work with the public. For me, giving this gift of my work and creative perspective to an audience who will reflect on the world through these works of art is one of the most important things I could do.

As a patron of my project you stand with an invaluable group of loyal supporters who believe in my work and believe that fine art has something profound to offer every person, from every walk of life. Here are three ways in which you can support this project: 
  • A gift of support with a donation. (at the bottom of this page)
  • Become a collector by giving and receiving with the ultimate gift of an original painting or print available from my  website.
  • Share this project with your friends & family on social media.
I hope that you will join me in whatever way feels best for you. Thank you for your generosity.  I applaud your support of the arts which strengthens and celebrates our community.  Together we can make this exhibition of new paintings not only possible but a success.  I look forward to getting into the studio again so that I can start the creation process!

Sincerely, Alicia Hunsicker


     To give you an idea of what your
     gift of support may fund:
                                 $15 would gift 1 bottle of Golden acrylic paint
                                 $25 would gift 1 bottle of paint and 1 paint brush
                                 $30 would gift 1 bottle of brush cleaner
                                 $50 would gift a set of 6 pigment paint sticks
                                 $60 would gift a paint marker set
                                 $75 would gift 3 bottles of gesso
                                 $100 would gift 1 package of archival printing ink
                                 $175 would gift 1 roll of archival 90lb paper
                                 $250 would gift 2 wood panels - 48"x 60"
                                 $500 would frame one large painting on paper


cahalane said...

saw your work (early- I'm in the other show) at Sprinkler. Knocked my socks off. Amazing.

Alicia Blaze Hunsicker said...

Thanks so much Cahalane! I am so, so happy you enjoyed the show! The Sprinkler Factory was such a wonderful place! I hope I will show there again :-) xo~Alicia

Alicia Hunsicker's art is undeniably beautiful. She is an expert at extracting the highly-detailed textures and fibers of the human body, bringing them from darkness, into the light, with a technical precision that rivals any modern-day master.
David Aquino, Brattleboro Reformer