Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Sweetness and Light" & "Where There's Smoke" ~ Opens today at Hampden Gallery

I am looking forward to attending an artist reception today at Hampden Gallery for "Sweetness and Light" & "Where There's Smoke" curated by Linda Griggs.
The reception is from 2 pm to 5 pm. More Info can be found here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vermont Studio Residency July 2010: Part 2 - My Studio

I enjoyed a large studio on the second floor of the Barbara White building while at Vermont Studio Center. I couldn't have picked a more perfect studio for myself!...I was very happy there and had wonderful artist neighbors that I will mention in another post.
These are some studio views which include some of the paintings I was working on while there.

I was interested in developing a new body of work based on Orbs. I think of them as the moment in time where dark matter in a field of potential is ignited into being..(transformed or birthed into matter) into our material universe....I have lots of ideas about Manifestation, Creation, and Divinity that I explore in my artwork.

Interestingly enough....In the afternoons on certain days...with a certain kind of light my studio had naturally occurring Orbs on the walls!!
Close ups of the paintings will be posted soon!
Alicia Hunsicker's art is undeniably beautiful. She is an expert at extracting the highly-detailed textures and fibers of the human body, bringing them from darkness, into the light, with a technical precision that rivals any modern-day master.
David Aquino, Brattleboro Reformer