Monday, July 27, 2009

My Art in 75 Words

In these works, Hunsicker explores the psyche as it moves between physical and emotional realities. These transformative compositions recontextualize the inner structures of the human body exposing them in
an alluring landscape of earth and sky.
Bones, nests, and eggs underscore our collective desire for safety, sustenance and growth. Hunsicker paints a world where the psychological and the physical coexist on the same plane - inviting the viewer to locate themselves within this surreal landscape

Photos of my work taken at Gallery in the Woods, Brattleboro, VT

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Clark: Dove/O'Keeffe: Circles of Influence

Tomorrow, I am going on a road trip to Williamstown, MA and The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute to see the Arthur Dove/ Georgia O'Keeffe show, Circles of Influence. There are two other shows there that look interesting as well ; Realism's Edge and Through the Seasons: Japanese Art in Nature. I have been excitedly planning this trip for a while and hopefully will have something to report about it. I will venture out to the Berkshires one more time at least this summer to visit Mass Moca. Another trip to look forward to ;-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Paper Girl Project, Northampton

I will be participating in this project. Which will take place in early September......ahhh another deadline to meet...actually I am glad for it.
This is a works on paper show. So I will be doing a set of 4 pieces with the eye motif and acrylic transfer process that I have been exploring.

The Paper Girl Northampton Project is a locally based, selffunded, nonprofit project to be modeled after the Paper Girl Project originally organized by a Aisha Ronniger in Berlin Germany. The objective of the project is to hold an open call for donated, original works of art on paper which are to be displayed in local shops and restaurants for a period of two weeks in this coming September. At the culmination of the exhibit the works will be rolled into brown paper and distributed at random by a team of cyclist to persons on the streets of Northampton, MA.The Paper Girl Project extends itself to Northampton via the efforts of Eben Kling, Adam Kology and Katherine Romansky. The Paper Girl Project is rapidly gaining momentum and is taking place in other major cities and on an international level.
As a result, The Paper Girl Northampton Project will be simultaneously tying itself into an international arts community movement while soliciting an unsuspecting bond within the immediate Northampton community.

This project seems to be all the are some other places you can find it. Paper Girl Berlin, Paper Girl NY
NY Times Article
BERLIN This city is so saturated with art that artists are giving it away for free on the streets.
Thanks to a quirky project called Papergirl, now in its fourth year, young Berliners on bikes will be distributing rolls of artwork — just like an old-fashioned paperboy — at random to the public one day in July.
It all began in 2005 when the city of Berlin decided to impose a fine on anyone pasting posters on public spaces. Aisha Ronniger, a first year art school student, started brainstorming with her fellow students about alternative and legal ways to present art in public urban spaces. One friend suggested passing out art to the public like an old-school paperboy. And with that spontaneous idea, the Papergirl project was born.
Four years later, Papergirl has grown into a well-established Berlin happening. Hundreds of artworks on paper are sent from all corners of the globe to Ronniger and her team. “A lot of local street artists, like Kowalski and Brad Downey, take part because they are used to giving their art for free,” said Ronniger. Participants (who really can be anyone, from art students to doodling taxi drivers) are asked to submit a minimum of two artworks. (This year’s deadline for submissions is June 17).
According to Ronniger she and her volunteers put together 10 to 15 artworks in each roll that’s to be passed out — saving one artwork per artist to be shown at an exhibition, this year at the Alten Post on Karl-Marx-Straße in Neukölln. On an as-yet undisclosed day sometime between July 17 and 31 — the two weeks the show will be up — the Papergirl team will hit the streets of Neukölln (a poor, gritty neighborhood that has recently become popular with students and artists) with their rolls of art and pass them on to lucky strangers.
As Ronniger explains on her Web site: “The basic idea with the project is to bring art to the public in a different way from normal; to surprise people and bring them into contact with art in their everyday life.”
What most surprised her in the last two years of running the project was how many emails she received from those who were inspired to organize a Papergirl happening in their country. “I’ve heard from people in New York City, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and Milan.”
The first spin off is happening now in California, and, according to Ronniger, it’s likely that the second one might be next year in New York City.

Real Art Ways : Step up 09 : Slide Slam

A few months ago I applied to the
Real Art Ways: Step Up 09 competition.
I didn't win on of the 6 solo slots (over 200 applicants)
but was accepted into its groovy and popular Slide Slam.
I am happy about that :-) Real Art Ways is located in Hartford, CT. I guess I will be going on a road trip!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Figurative Painting Today in the Studio

I spent the day in the studio today getting the first coat of color onto this canvas. It is a general layer of paint not specific as yet but I am pleased with the progress. As I paint I refine each layer with more detail and get more specific with my color contours. I loved using the Gamlin Torrit Grey made from the air ducts at the paint factory.
It was great to get a full day of painting in today.

As I painted I listened to "The Book of Love" by Kathleen McBowan. Its kinda like Angels and Demons by Dan Brown but better. Its pretence is that the Book of Love was the gospel according to Jesus and it describes the Sacred Union of love ......specifically between he and Mary Magdalene. All reveled through a researcher who is studying the bloodline of Jesus. Interesting!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Over Estimations

SO I over estimated my ability to have a full time studio practice this summer and get enough work done for a possible solo show this fall.......OUCH!
(at least that is how I feel today)
The reality of life, family, children, home improvement, vacation times etc.......has set in.

I am going to go with the flow and not be too hard on myself. Goals are meant to change. Right?

Studio Update:
Tribe profile down- Face book profile up and running.
Jenny Tibbitts will be my studio visitor this week. This is my iris painting still in progress.....
Off to clean for the Studio visit ........Happy Days!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Stuff of Life: Studio Update

The last week is a bit of a blur............I've been dealing with the stuff of life. Running errands, going to appointments, driving my son to swim lessons, 4Th of July activities, Studio visits, etc...
I unfortunately haven't spent much time painting this week except for an hour here or there.

A few things to update though.

I am still in the process of deleting my Tribe profile and have spent some time this weekend getting a profile started on facebook. This is my profile picture (for now).

I had some great news that the AmericAura show was shown in two venues this year; Belgium and Italy.

The commission figurative painting I am working on is finally dry! with all the damp and dank weather it took a really long time. I have been thoughtfully planning my next layer with it and will maybe even start it today. The Iris painting is still in progress as well.
Alicia Hunsicker's art is undeniably beautiful. She is an expert at extracting the highly-detailed textures and fibers of the human body, bringing them from darkness, into the light, with a technical precision that rivals any modern-day master.
David Aquino, Brattleboro Reformer