Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finding my Groove Again: A Painting in Progress...

So I am finally finding my groove back in the studio....I felt the flow yesterday as I painted this Valentine inspired oil 10" x 16"

I still need to put a few finishing touches on it but I feel that it will be a successful painting.

As I painted this piece (its not my typical style) I reflected on my other work hoping to see some thread....and there is.
In the shape, colors, contrast, and most of all that which I am more and more driven to paint ~ Luminosity~.
Oh the Glow.....I love it!
So with this fun success in the studio I would like to mention that there was also a failure. I am working on an eye painting which has some repetitive griding in it. I know what I want and how It will basically look when finished but I am not having any luck with the new processes I am learning for my desired effect. I tried a Xerox transfer approach, which would be ideal.....but its not I will have to try next the acrylic transfer process. If that doesn't work the only other thing I can think of right now would be an archival printing process that I will have to collage onto the work on paper.
All in all its good to be painting again and to feel free to try new things.

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Michelle DeMarco said...

That is a powerful painting! Wow!

Alicia Hunsicker's art is undeniably beautiful. She is an expert at extracting the highly-detailed textures and fibers of the human body, bringing them from darkness, into the light, with a technical precision that rivals any modern-day master.
David Aquino, Brattleboro Reformer