Monday, May 2, 2011

Dakin Animal Shelter: My new Studio Cat

I am in Love with my new studio mate!

This past winter I lost my 9 year old cat Jasper to a bobcat attack. It was all pretty traumatizing at the time. A few weeks later when my son Ben was really missing having a pet, I brought him to the Dakin Animal Shelter in Leverett MA to play with the cats in the Play room they have there.

Of course we went back the next day to get one!!! I was glad we took the night though to really think about which cat would be best for us.....I would like to introduce you to my new Studio Cat Lovie :-) She is a Lover! and is living up to her new name. She is even prettier in person and resembles a Raccoon....or Coon Cat and has a huge plume of a tail.

Thanks Dakin!

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