Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Sincerest Thanks

Particle Collision #1, 35"x38" Alicia Hunsicker, Austria, 2012

The Boundless project was a great success for both my artistic and personal growth.
It was a challenging and rewarding journey that most assuredly has changed the way I see the world.

Boundless: Artist Residency in Austria and Journey to CERN
Sept. 26, 2012 – October 14, 2012

Places visited:
Geneva, Switzerland
Mallnitz, Austria
Lyon, France

Activities of Note:
Switzerland by train
D. Fleiss East West artist Residency and Symposium, Mallnitz, Austria
Exhibitions at BIOS National Park Museum, Mallnitz, Austria and ARTour Brussels, Belgium
Day trips to Grossglockner and
Raggaschlucht in Austria.
City tour of Lyon, France which included Roman ruins.

This was inspirational, educational, challenging, supportive and most of all joyous adventure.  It was a wonderful few weeks of art, travel, new friends & cuisine. The paintings I created while at the residency were well received and have continued to open new directions for me as an artist. The image above: Particle Collision #1 is now in the collection of the D. Fleiss East West Foundation.  Austria was amazingly beautiful and I hope to go back someday.

This journey wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of my Kickstarter project backers and the wonderful friends and fans that helped me get the word out about my project.  Without your pledges, posts, and encouragement I wouldn’t have had such a successful project.

Thank you so much!
Love and Blessings to all, xo ~Alicia

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Rita Owczarski
Astrid Heimer
Simone Alter-Muri
Peggy Olchen
Kelly Stazny
Jim Rosazza
Tracey Physioc Brockett
Tess Gadwa and family

Special thanks to:
Dorothea Fleiss and the D. Fliess East West Foundation
Mike and Ben Hunsicker
Fran Beallor
Dan Levin
Ben Brau, UMass Physics Dept.
Dr. Steve Goldfarb, CERN
Laurette Wittner
Judith Motzkin
Kristin Nicholas
Glendon Mellow
Helga and The Hotel Kartnerhof, Mallnitz
Artscope Magazine
Paulina Amador, SuperConsciousness Magazine
Mary Sherman and the TransCultural Exchange
David Rainville, Trish Crapo, and The Recorder
Jennifer Holloway and The Sentinel

I carefully compiled this list from my records.  If for some reason I mistakenly left your name out please let me know so that I may add you in. 


Karin Bartimole said...

Fantastic Alicia!! I am so excited and happy for the artist you and the Being you!! xoxoxox

Alicia Blaze Hunsicker said...

Thank you Karin! I couldnt have done it without such amazing friends like you!! Keep and eye out for an email newsletter that will include more details, stories, and photos. Much love to you! xo~ALicia

Alicia Hunsicker's art is undeniably beautiful. She is an expert at extracting the highly-detailed textures and fibers of the human body, bringing them from darkness, into the light, with a technical precision that rivals any modern-day master.
David Aquino, Brattleboro Reformer