Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Neighborhood Entrepreneurs: Leyden Glen Lamb & Herron's Farm

Over the years we have enjoyed the benefits of living in a farming neighborhood. Two years ago the Herron Farm, famous for its wild blueberries, started a small garden stand that kept us in fresh veggies all summer. I hope they will do it again this year, although we will have a small veggie garden of our own this summer.

Our Neighborhood is full of entrepreneurial spirit. Besides the farm we have an artist (me), a dog breeder, a doll maker, an antiques dealer, a baker, an author and knit ware designer, and a few small business owners!!

My Sweet Purple House :-)

The newest addition is Leyden Glen Lamb. My closest neighbors Kristin Nicholas and Mark Duprey raise sheep and chickens and have a large variety of other animals as well as gardens.

Now I can go to the end of my driveway and get fresh eggs and free range, organic lamb. I had a wonderful sweet lamb sausage last night for dinner and will try the ground lamb tonight. It was truly delicious!

To find out more about Leyden Glen Lamb go to:http://leydenglenlamb.blogspot.com/


Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Alicia:
Thanks for writing about us today. Glad you liked the sausage. We had lamb-burgers tonight - Julia is crazy about them. She asked what was for dinner and I said lamb-burgers and she went nutty!
Thanks for buying.....
Kristin, Mark & Julia

Alicia Blaze Hunsicker said...

We had the lamb burgers as well tonight and both Ben and I loved them as well....can't wait to do a neighborhood cook out!
Beet salad with feta and toasted pecans, rice salad, and Lamb burgers.....YUMMMMMMM!
oh, and I forgot that wonderful raspberry rhubarb cornmeal cake for dessert! When will you start posting recipes?

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