Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nature's Patterns : Replication

Fellow blogger and Artist Nancy Natale pointed out to me the similarity of the structure of this painting as compared to my Orchid photo. Its funny because I have always wanted to paint Orchids or do work inspired by Orchids. My work often references the patterns in Nature which can also be found in the human body. I find these structures fascinating and enjoy the image play that can happen as I explore the connection.

Abraham/Hicks Daily Quote for today......

Take the worthiness that is yours, and let the "Fairies of the Universe" assist you. Stop taking so much responsibility upon yourself, and live happily ever after. Shorten that crevasse between where you are and where you want to be, on every subject, to now, now, now, now, now. Ride the wave. Just pluck the fruit... You don't have to be the one who puts it in the ground any more. You can just skip across the top of things and pluck the fruit of all of the things you want. "Oh, fruit. Oh, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this." In other words, it's all right there for you; it's ready for you to receive it as fast and as soon as you will vibrationally let it in.
Excerpted from the workshop in Boston, MA on Saturday, May 21st, 2005
Our Love, Jerry and Esther

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Alicia Hunsicker's art is undeniably beautiful. She is an expert at extracting the highly-detailed textures and fibers of the human body, bringing them from darkness, into the light, with a technical precision that rivals any modern-day master.
David Aquino, Brattleboro Reformer